300About Peiling

A Malaysian currently residing in Tanzania, Peiling is a true macro aficionado who is as obssessed with as she is inspired by the small small world around her. She started taking an interest in digital photography in 2008, and her curiosity and interest gradually led her to the world of macro photography. Her other interests include digital art and gardening.

Her favorite project is called ‘Small small world’. Interestingly enough, she used to suffer from insectophobia, but when fate intervened, she not only overcame her phobia, but was brought ‘closer’ to these creepy crawlies.

Her forte is to create a rather surreal or magical atmosphere for the insects. Water, flowers, plants, small pebbles, stones, vegetables – in fact, anything she can get from her garden and kitchen to create that wondrous, magical feel – staging a surrealistic, out of this world backdrop for the insects.

Photography has changed her life in many ways.

Not only has it become her artistic sanctuary, it has also taught her to appreciate the finer points in life and the simplistic, natural wonders that surround her.

[Translated from 攝影雜誌]

馬來西亞華僑,現居於東 非城市坦桑尼亞,是一個狂熱的 微距攝影師,鍾愛捕捉身邊的小 小世界。3年前開始攝影,結合了數碼藝術和園藝的興趣。自從離開廣告工作領域,她能 夠單純發展自己的興趣,不再需要因應商業需要而做一件 藝術品或設計。現在的藝術創作是她單純的自我表達,而 攝影完美地填補了這個空間、時間和需要。她最喜歡的系 列是《Small small world》,當中十分有趣的是她本來是有 「昆蟲恐懼症」,但攝影令她與這些令人毛骨悚然的生物 更親近。攝影確實改變了她的生活,它不僅成為她藝術的 避難所,它也令她學會欣賞生活及環繞著她的自然奇觀。

Text from 攝影雜誌